At Halotexco, our concentration is human-beings, which is why we set up strategies, objectives and motivation for the employed to become our essential resource with a high professionalism and accountability in the workplace.

Our Values

1. Honesty and kindness.

  • Timely completion of assigned work
  • Treat everyone equally, regardless of differences or interests
  • Show consistency between action and speech

2. Confidence

  • Confident about soft skills, in communication and the specialty
  • Insist on expressing thoughts and protecting personal opinions at work
  • Be prepared to take responsibility for the tasks assigned and the decisions made.

3. Creativity and Dynamics

  • Be willing to acquire new information, skills, and productive methods.
  • Finding different ways to enhance the workplace

4. Responsibility and kindness

  • High teamwork spirit, bonded with colleagues, and eager to assist others.
  • Record accomplishments and share them with coworkers.

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